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Social media has become an integral part of our society, blending lines between professional and personal use as we communicate 24/7. Social media is a fantastic tool to allow public safety agencies to engage with their public, sharing important information and building a positive brand association. There are some potential pitfalls when it comes to […]

The Apex Mobile network represents a group of public safety professionals who are all working to achieve the same goal: to solve real, everyday problems using innovative technology.  Sublette County Sheriff’s Office in Wyoming wanted to be able to help hikers exploring the beautiful wilderness of their area to stay safe. They also wanted to […]

Three Ways Branding Benefits Public Safety Agencies Private companies spend millions of dollars developing brands for their companies, to set them apart from others in their industries and to build trust and engagement with the public. Building a brand has become important for public agencies as well, for the same reasons. Here is how developing […]

As the world rapidly evolves into one where concepts like “contactless interaction,” “social distancing,” “cashless transactions,” and more become the “new normal,” how are public safety agencies adapting? Private companies have spent millions of dollars in 2020 alone developing new technologies that make it easier to efficiently meet the needs of those they serve, and […]

Public safety agencies nationwide are in the midst of a firestorm of new challenges they are trying to accommodate and address. Apex Mobile, a leader in public safety mobile app technology, has developed “2020 Tools,” a suite of cutting-edge features designed to help agencies navigate modern demands such as social distancing, public safety transparency, improved […]

How has your roll call changed since COVID hit? Many public safety agencies are having to rethink how they communicate between shifts of employees and transmit essential roll call information without accidentally sharing a virus. Apex IRIS is now offering a collection of features, collectively called Digital Roll Call, designed to streamline and improve the […]

The first few hours after a person goes missing are extremely critical, and no one knows that better than first responders. Being able to quickly gather data about the missing person can mean the difference between finding that individual and a tragedy befalling them.  For years the FBI has provided agencies small boxes they could […]

If your agency is looking to deploy a COVID-19 related application to your community and this is your first time deploying a mobile application, we strongly advise that you begin the developer account set up and approval process IMMEDIATELY. We are currently seeing 7-10 review times for new applications in Google Play.   Apple is moving […]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact:Jason Muenzer(949) 309-2408 press@apexmobile.net APEX MOBILE OFFERS POLICE AGENCIESFREE APPS FOR COVID-19 RESPONSE Mobile Apps Offer Social Distancing Solution forFirst Responders Addressing Nationwide Pandemic FOOTHILL RANCH, CA. March 20, 2020 – In light of the rapidly developing COVID-19 pandemic, Apex Mobile is extending a free, no-strings-attached offer for police agencies around the US to […]

I’m very excited to announce Apex Mobile’s latest project, Lighthouse Health & Wellness – www.lighthousehw.org  Our mission with Lighthouse is to ensure that every public safety agency in the nation is able to provide its employees and families with confidential and anonymous access to health and wellness resources. The Inspiration for Lighthouse Health & Wellness The concept […]